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Notable Faculty: Outstanding Educators Elevating at Delhi University


Aug 18, 2023

Delhi University is a well-known university all over India as well as all over world DU remains a part of learning, innovation, and progress, shaping the future while honoring its illustrious past.

Faculty members at Delhi University (DU) sounds to the best knowledge practices challenge norms, and pursue intellectual curiosity. Their way of teaching gives students clear understanding of concepts and encourage to explore their potential, develop an interest for learning, and emerged as well-rounded individuals prepared to contribute to society.

List of 5 Best Outstanding Educators

There are educators are not just teacher, they are the mentors, guides, and professors in their own field for the transformative educational journey that DU offers. The advantages of studying at DU are magnified by the knowledge, dedication, and expertise of its faculty subjects. The diverse environment of DU’s faculty members contribute to the university’s vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

Here beacons of progress, they stand as living reviews to the transformative impact educators can have on individuals, communities, and the world at large. making the thoughtful and personal growth of generations to come. Here, we discuss five experience individuals who have left an incredible structure on the place of education

Below five outstanding educators represents the power of devotion, innovation, and empathy in the value of education. Through their passion, they have not only transfer knowledge but have also showed the cornerstones of curiosity and enlightenment. Outstanding educators are the architects of knowledge and inspiration.

Neera Narang

She is an associate professor in department of education. Her Campus address is chhatra Marg, Delhi 110007, If we talk about her education then highlights her field of study below.

  • In 1984 M.Ed.. from Delhi University.
  • M.A. from Delhi University in 1981.
  • she had done Ph.D. By University of Delhi in 1993, wrote book, Swatantryottar Hindi, Upanyas Kahani Evam natak mein shiksha jagat ke vitran

Her Interest and specialization in Language Education, Literature , Curriculum studies, school administration, Media studies, Gender studies.

If we talk about her professional teaching.

  • She was lecturer in 1996 in M.V College of Education, Delhi Univerisity.
  • After that she was define as an associate professor in 1997 in Department of Education, University of Delhi still she is working in that profession.

These are all details about Neera Narang outstanding educators of DU.

Sailaza Chennat

Sailaza Chennat also a professor of DelhI University, She is also an associate professor in department of education. Her Campus address Reids Line Staff Flats University Of Delhi 110007,

If we talk about her education then highlights her field of study below.

  • UG: Kerala University in B.Sc. Zoology 1978.

Talk about PG Courses

  • In 1996, Ph.D. in M.S. University of Baroda
  • In 1981, M.S. University of Baroda (M.Sc. Zoology)
  • In 1986, M.S. University of Baroda (M.Ed)

Her arear of Interest

Disability Studies, Education of children with disabilities, teacher education, Mentoring and Continuous Professional development of teachers, research in Education, education and social inclusion of marginalized children/adults.

Yukti Sharma

Professor Yukti Sharma is an Academic Secretary Institute of lifelong learning (ILLL) , Department of Education Delhi.

If we talk about her field of study.

  • In 1998, B.Sc.(H) Botany Department of Botany, University of Delhi.
  • In 2000, M.Sc. (Botany) Department of Botany, University of Delhi.
  • In 2001, B.Ed. Department of Education, University of Delhi. 2001
  • In 2004, M.Ed. Department of Education, University of Delhi
  • In 2010, Ph.D. Department of Education, University of Delhi.

If talk about her career profile.

  • Department of Education, University of Delhi, as an assistant professor since September 2009 till date Supervision of research work at Ph.D., M.Phil. and M.Ed. level, Teaching Ph.D., M.Phil., M.Ed. and B.Ed.
  • Administrative assignments Department of Women, Lecturer & Head of the Department October 2007 to August 2009.
  • Teaching B.El.Ed course, Administrative work as Head, Setting up of the department, its resource Centre and other
  • Administrative assignments in the college Department of Elementary Education, Miranda House, Lecturer From 2006 to 2007

She is also an outstanding educator at University of Delhi.

Alka Behari

Alka Behari is also an associate professor at Delhi University, She is very outstanding educator at DU, her campus address, Chhatra Marg , department of education.

Let’s talk about her field of study.

  • In 1998, from University of Delhi Ph.D. Department. of Education.
  • In 1987, from DU, M.Phil. / MTech. Dept. of Education.
  • In 1986, from DU, PG (M.Ed.) Dept. of Education, Gold Medalist 68.8%
  • In 1985, UG (B.Ed.) Dept. of Education, DU 1985 Distinction 68%
  • Any other qualification
  • M Sc(Zoology), B Sc (H) Zoology, Department. of Zoology, at Miranda House, DU

Let’s talk about career profile.

  • Department of Education, DU Associate Professor/Reader
  • From 1998 Teaching, Research, Administrative
  • Responsibilities, Supervising M.Ed. ,
  • M.Phil. & PhD students, Undertaking
  • Research consultancy

Research and Interests

  • DU Lecturer (Permanent) April 1991 – 98 Teaching, Research, Department of Education.
  • DU Lecturer (Ad – hoc) 1987 – 91 Teaching, Research, Department of Education.

After seeing her career profile and educational highlight deliberately consider that she is very outstanding educator at Delhi University.

Pankaj Arora

Pankaj Arora is an Associate Professor in Department of Educate at Delhi University. He is count as best educator in Delhi University, His campus address Chattra Marg, Delhi 110007

If we talk about his field of study.

  • In 2001, PhD CIE, University of Delhi, Topic- Development of a framework of sex.
  • In 1992, M.A University of Delhi 1992 subjects- Political science.
  • In 1994, University of Delhi, M.Ed. CIE, Subjects- social science, EVG.

If we talk about career Profile.

  • TGT ,Social Science 06 years of Teaching & Administrative work
  • CIE, University OF DELHI Associate Professor Nov 1997-Till date.

Research and interests in Pedagogy of Political Science, Social Science Education, Adolescence Education Education, Youth and Democracy.


The famous Delhi University has long been a part of academic excellence, drawing scholars and students from all stonecorners of the country. central to its reputation are the amazing educators who dedicate their lives to providing knowledge and shaping the minds of future generations. In this highlight, we celebrate five remarkable individuals which are Yukti Sharma, Alka Behari, Pankaj Arora, Neera Narang, and Sailaza Chennat who stand as pillars of the institution’s academic excellence.

Yukti Sharma, through her vast knowledge to her students, has not only shared her expertise but also type of a passion for learning. Her teaching methods and personal engagement have turned classrooms into learning spaces of intellectual exploration.

Alka Behari’s influence extends beyond her subject matter expertise. She has mastered the art of cultivating critical thinking, nurturing intellectual curiosity, and fostering a sense of community among her students. Her dedication to wholistic education has enriched countless lives.

Pankaj Arora’s approach clarifies the way of traditional wisdom with modern pedagogy. His ability to bridge the gap between theory and practical application has empowered students to seamlessly transition from academia to the professional world, armed with both knowledge and skills.

Neera Narang’s impact resonates not only within the lecture halls but also in the corridors of research. Her mentorship has inspired numerous young minds to venture into unexplored territories, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and contributing to the university’s research legacy.

Sailaza Chennat’s influence to the global era, where her cross-cultural have helped students to throughout learn advanced. Her dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion within education has created an environment where students from all walks of life feel valued and empowered.

Collectively, these outstanding educators consider as the heart and soul of Delhi University department of education to academic performances. Their passion for teaching goes not only textbooks, encouraging but also students to embrace a lifelong journey of learning, questioning, and growth. Through their tireless efforts, they have elevated the university’s stature and made an indelible mark on the lives of those they have taught.

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