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Delhi University (DU) Spotlight: Highlighting Noteworthy News at Delhi University 2023

BySambhavi Singh

Aug 6, 2023

Delhi University (DU), formally University of Delhi, is a central university located in Delhi, India. It was established in 1922 by an Act of the Central Legislative Assembly and is acknowledged by the University Grants Commission as an Institute of Eminence (IoE), University Grants Commission (UGC).

When we talk about largest university of India also University of Delhi comes on first place, and now becomes university of 132,000 students. It has two main campuses in the north and south of Delhi, with a total of 80 affiliated colleges and 17 faculties. Delhi University is famous for its quality education throughout in India and also in over world, The professors of the university are highly qualified It provides about 250 courses.

List of 3 Noteworthy News of Delhi University (DU)

In a Considerable development that has caught the attention of the academic community, Delhi University (DU) has recently made headlines with a series of noteworthy achievements and updates. These admirable strides underscore the institution’s commitment to excellence and innovation in education.

One such substantial development revolves around the Innovative research breakthrough in the field of sustainable energy conducted by a team of DU scientists. Their innovative approach to harnessing solar energy through advanced solar converter technology not only holds the promise of evolving renewable energy solutions but also showcases DU’s commitment.

DU’s commitment to holistic education is exemplified by the introduction of an comprehensive curriculum that integrates traditional knowledge systems with modern academic disciplines. This step not only promotes a more complete understanding of various subjects but also demonstrates the university’s dedication to nurturing a diverse and well-rounded learning environment.

Delhi University (DU) BTech Admission 2023: Awaited first Allotment List to be out

The University of Delhi has announced the first allotment list for admission to BTech courses on, 2 August, Individuals who have concluded the registration process for BTech admissions are encouraged to explore the official Delhi University website at admission.uod.ac.in They can access the allotment list once the link becomes operational.

Candidates listed in the initial merit catalog are required to proceed to the designated college, equipped with an acceptance letter, essential credentials, and the stipulated enrollment fee. According to the press note, candidates belonging to unreserved (UR), Other Backward Classes (OBC) and Economically Weaker Section (EWS) categories will have to visit the faculty of technology (FOT) department for physical verification of documents.

The last date for fee payment is 10th of August, 2023, and the candidates who want to apply for upgradation can do so between 1st August to 12th  August.

How to check DU BTech Admission 2023 merit first list

  • Visit the website – admission.uod.ac.in
  • Click on the first allotment list of BTech Admission 2023
  • Click to the login section
  • Fill the details and click on the submit button
  • Allotment list will be displayed on screen
  • Check your details and save

The Delhi University (DU) BTech [year] round 2 allocation list will be displayed on August 14.

Enhanced Seat Allocation: DU Executes Tie Breaker for Increased Seats This Year

After the introduction of CUET in the admission process, Delhi University (DU) used the tie breaker methods to allocate seats to candidates on a larger scale as compared to last year.

There are around 71,000 undergraduate seats at the university this year, about 73,500 candidates have approved allocations in the first round as of 7.30 pm Thursday after applying through the CSAS Portal for the academic session 2023-24. A total of 10.000 candidates have made their payments.

In the process of a tie breaker, where two or more candidates have the same CUET (UG) merit score for a program and college combination, tie-breaking rules were enacted in a particular order.

According to the regulations set forth by DU’s CSAS guidelines, a hierarchical approach to resolving ties will be implemented. The initial criterion involves favouring candidates with a higher percentage of combined marks in the top three subjects of their class XII examinations. Subsequently, if the tie persists, the aggregate marks of the best four and five subjects of class XII will be taken into account, respectively, in the prescribed sequence.

In situations where the application of the best five subject scores fails to break the deadlock, the final recourse will be to consider the candidates’ ages. The CSAS rules state, Priority will be accorded to individuals with an earlier date of birth (as indicated on the Class X certificate).

By adhering to this comprehensive set of tie-breaking principles, DU aims to ensure a fair and transparent selection process for applicants. These guidelines not only underscore the university’s commitment to maintaining equity but also reflect its dedication to upholding the integrity of admissions procedures.

This surge in demand for positions underscores the enduring popularity of these academic disciplines and the renowned institutions that offer them. The eagerness of candidates to secure their places and the continuous efforts of these institutions to accommodate them reflect the remarkable dynamism and competitiveness of higher education. As the admission process unfolds, it is evident that the allure of Arts and Commerce programs at Miranda House and similar institutions remains as strong as ever, with both students and educational institutions alike striving for excellence and achievement.

For further study on CSAS Portal to click here.

Delhi University (DU)’s Imaginative Insight into Undergraduate Program Performance

Delhi University on Saturday declared the replicated ranks of all candidates who have applied for undergraduate programs through the Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS) for the academic year 2023-24.
Delhi University has asked candidates not to read much into the “Emulated ranks”. In a public notice, Dean, Admissions, Haneet Gandhi, said: “These…should not be construed as a warranty, express or implied, or creation of a legitimate expectation or as final ranks for allocations of colleges.


Delhi University (DU) continues to shine brightly on the academic and social stage, with its diverse array of noteworthy news reflecting attention. The DU Spotlight for this year suitably showcases the university’s significant accomplishments, challenges, and initiatives that have been making headlines.

The Delhi University remains a hub of innovation and learning. The university further edopting technology in education, with the integration of virtual reality and artificial intelligence into various disciplines. This progressive approach not only elevate the learning experience but also prepares students for the evolving job market.

Cultural and extracurricular activities have continued to prosper at DU. The annual cultural festival brought together students from diverse backgrounds to showcase their talents and celebrate creativity. These events are a evidence to the vibrant and dynamic student life on campus.

In essence, the DU Spotlight for 2023 represents a year of academic achievement, diversity, research excellence, and student-driven change. Delhi University remains a center point for innovation, fostering an environment where students not only receive a quality education but also develop into well-rounded individuals poised to make a meaningful impact on the world.

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