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Delhi University Policy: Grading System for Students Examination.


Aug 11, 2023

Delhi University (DU) provides vast education system, The university also tries to reduce burden of study on students, DU is famous for well-known Institutions of higher education, the university has grown over the years to become a hub of academic excellence, cultural diversity, and scholarly exploration.

If we talk about Delhi University Grade system, Its providing a fostering and effective assessment framework for students. They designed grade system of university for measuring academic performance accurately and fairly, the University’s main point is to nurturing learning outcomes and encouraging a wholistic understanding of subjects.

List of 3 Delhi University Policy Grading system for Students Examination.

Table of content
Sr. No.Types
1.Undergraduate Program DU Grade System
2.DU Passing Marks Criteria
3.Rules for Passing and Promotion
4.Revaluation of Grade System

Undergraduate Program DU Grade System

Delhi University (DU) result or Grade system is a notable system, The transition to the grade system aligns with the university’s commitment to providing a holistic education that goes beyond rote memorization and exam-oriented learning. This transition also promotes a healthier learning environment, evaluating collaborative learning and aspiring students to explore interdisciplinary subjects.

PointsGradeMarks Percentage
0FMarks less than 40
4DMarks greater than or equal to 40, marks less than or equal to 45
5CMarks greater than or equal to 45, marks less than or equal to 50
6BMarks greater than or equal to 50, marks less than or equal to 55
7B+Marks greater than or equal to 55, marks less than or equal to 60
8AMarks greater than or equal to 60, marks less than or equal to 70
9A+Marks greater than or equal to 70, marks less than or equal to 80
10OMarks greater than or equal to 80, marks less than or equal to 100

This table shows grade system of Delhi University (DU).

DU Passing Marks Criteria

To pass the Delhi University Exams students needs to score up-to 40 percent marks in both theory and practical to get tag status (pass).

Delhi University’s Passing marks criteria explains as a foundational aspect of its academic analysis system, stating that to give students a standard of achievement to move their educational journey. This criterion aspire consistent effort, diligent study, and be-active participation in classroom activities. It also promotes a sense of discipline and commitment to learning.

Rules for Passing and Promotion

Delhi University apply rules for passing and promotion, first is to score good in their academic performance it is up-to 40 percent in each theory exam and practical exam. Let’s see how university defines their grades according to their number.

Above AverageB
V. GoodA

The passing marks criteria aligns with Delhi University’s commitment to academic excellence. By ensuring a consistent standard, the university upholds the quality of education it provides and ensures that students are well-prepared for the challenges of their future ventures.

Delhi University Passing marks criteria play very pivotal role in maintaining educational standards, evaluating student engagement, and preparing them for the next stages of their academic and in-future professional journey. It serves as a guiding measure that encourages students to strive for excellence while building a solid foundation for their future growth.

Revaluation of Grade System

Delhi University’s revaluation grade system is a process that allows students to seek a revaluation of their exam answer sheets. The revaluation grade system is a vital avenue for students to address concerns about their academic performance. It recognizes that assessment is not infallible and allows for the correction of genuine discrepancies.

Important documents needed

  • Students Marksheet
  • Examination Admit Card
  • Revaluation form
  • Receipt of Revaluation fee

Students have to visit Delhi University, where buy envelop from post office put their revaluation form in it and submit to the university, students must ensure that the fee of revaluation only can submit through Debit card or Netbanking, none of the payment accepted through UPI, S o students keep this in mind while ensuring payment. Fee of Revaluation for form is Rs. 1000, Overall the revaluation grading system is best idea for the students who did well in their exams but not get their expectation marks.

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In conclusion, the implementation of the new grading system by Delhi University marks a significant progress towards upgrading the appraisal context in higher education. The benefits of the grading system aspires that beyond academic progression. It addresses the undue pressure associated with chasing high percentage scores, promoting a healthier and more holistic learning environment.

The new grading system’s of Delhi University compatibility with global education norms enhances students’ opportunities for pursuing higher education and employment at international scale. This system ensures with the ever-evolving demands of the modern world, By enhancing this policy, the university has taken many steps towards nurturing well-rounded individuals who are prepared only for academic success.

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