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According to Google Trends, here are the top 10 most searched terms related to Delhi University currently:


Jul 20, 2023
  1. DU cutoff 2023
  2. DU admissions 2023
  3. DU courses offered
  4. DU ranking
  5. DU hostel fees
  6. DU fests
  7. DU alumni
  8. DU placement stats
  9. DU scholarships
  10. DU exam dates

These terms indicate that people are interested in learning more about Delhi University’s admissions process, courses offered, ranking, hostel fees, fests, alumni, placement stats, scholarships, and exam dates. This suggests that Delhi University is a popular choice for prospective students and that people are interested in learning more about the university.

Here are some additional questions that people are searching for on Google related to Delhi University:

  • How to get admission in DU?
  • What are the top courses offered in DU?
  • What is the DU cutoff for engineering?
  • What is the DU cutoff for medicine?
  • What is the DU hostel life like?
  • What are the best DU fests?
  • What are the most famous DU alumni?
  • What are the highest paying jobs for DU graduates?
  • How to apply for a scholarship in DU?
  • When are the DU exams?

These questions suggest that people are interested in learning more about the specific details of Delhi University, such as its admissions process, courses offered, cutoffs, hostel life, fests, alumni, job prospects, and scholarships. This indicates that people are serious about learning more about Delhi University and its offerings.

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